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We Need Your Help to Save the Lives of Trenton Dogs!



The Race is On to Save Trenton Animal Shelter Dogs

We need your help to save the lives of healthy, adoptable dogs at Trenton Animal Shelter. 


Our campaign is called “Just One Dog”.  As an animal welfare organization with a very limited number of foster homes, we still could not stand by without doing our part to help.  So we are focusing on working with other rescue organizations and with local boarding facilities.



Trenton Animal Shelter has been reorganized and new management installed.  Although the population has remained constant for at least 1-1/2 years, with 100-110 dogs at Trenton Animal Shelter and Yardley Animal Kennels, for some reason the mayor decided to begin killing the dogs as a first priority


The vast majority of Trenton Dogs do not have serious behavior problems and are not dangerous.  The few dogs assessed by TAS’ trainer and found to be dangerous, are put down.  Many of the remaining dogs have few, if any, minor problems, and are dog-friendly and children- friendly.

One of those dogs is Munah, pictured here, who is up for adoption.  Unfortunately, Munah is also on the second list of “time-stamped” dogs, scheduled to be put down as early as tomorrow, May.13, 2024.  Munah was given the highest, “white dog” rating by TAS’ trainer.  She is sweet, social, and polite, and is good with people of all ages, including young children.  Although she is not a particularly playful dog, Munah is a really good dog.  She may even be great as a therapy dog!


It makes no sense that Munah may lose her life.




(1) We’re reaching out to as many rescue organizations as possible.  Because most rescues already have their hands full and are at capacity, we are asking them to “pull” just one dog from Trenton Animal Shelter.  We’ll be available to give them assessment information on the dogs, so they can make the choice that’s right for them.  In return for pulling a Trenton Shelter dog, we will make a $200-$250 donation to their rescue.  For rescues a distance away, we will also offer to pay their transport fees.


We know from past initiatives that offering incentives like these makes their participation much more likely. While the responsibility of taking one dog should be relatively small for each rescue, the collective impact could be tremendous. 


(2) There are Pennsylvania rescues willing to pull dogs from Trenton Animal Shelter.  However, because of the new PA dog law revision, any dog taken from the Trenton facility must be quarantined for 14 days.  We are establishing relationships with veterinary and boarding facilities willing to participate for a reduced fee, and we will pay for the boarding costs.


Of course, the Just One Dog campaign also extends to any of you who are considering dog adoption.  Now is the time to adopt a dog from Trenton Animal Shelter!



You’ve already proven to be a compassionate and generous animal lover, someone who shares and supports our mission, so we wanted to approach you at this crucial time. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Just One Dog campaign.  Our goal is to raise $10,000. Your generosity is crucial to the campaign’s success.


Every minute counts. The first two lists of “time stamped” Trenton Animal Shelter dogs scheduled to be put down have already been released!. Please consider making a donation to this critically important campaign today.


To make a donation, just click the Donate button on the upper right-hand corner of this page.  Then scroll down to “Saving Trenton Dogs” under “Use This Donation For”.  Your donation will go directly into the dedicated Saving Trenton Dogs account.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We couldn’t do this without you.


Please share this message with your fellow animal champions. Together, we can give these disregarded dogs the respect, compassion, and love they deserve

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Introducing "Fur-ever Match",
our new adoption program

We know how challenging it can sometimes be to search for a rescue dog or cat.  In our new program, we do the searching for you! All you have to do is complete an adoption application.  Once your adoption is reviewed and approved, we'll search for just the right dog or cat for your family. We take into account the size, age range, temperament, gender, activity level, and other-pet friendliness of the rescue you want to add to your family forever.  

All the pets we adopt are spayed and neutered, as well as up-to-date on all vaccinations. All are healthy; in cases for which there are health concerns, they are fully disclosed.

For more information and/or an adoption application, email us at


There's so much going on in the world to day that is out of your control.  But what you can do as a CAS volunteer makes a big difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats, and the families who adopt them forever.
This year, our volunteer teams include:

  • Dog and Cat Rescue

  • Fundraising and Promotions

  • Communications and Public Relations

  • Community Education and Outreach

  • Animal Help & Adoption Network/Administrative Support

We'd love to have you join us as a volunteer team member. For more information, click on our Volunteer Opportunities page and request an application.​

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Find our applications and adoptable pets here!

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Make a difference in animal's lives.


We thank you so much for your support! 

 We will continue to email our supporters and post frequently on Facebook with information, stories, and writings to uplift your spirit.  If you are not on our email list, you can request to join at:

Please be safe and healthy, and keep your pets close (no need for social distancing with them!)

--The Crossings Animal Board of Directors, Staff & Volunteers

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Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Stay tuned as we continue to update our website.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram!
Thank you so much for all you do for our community's cats and dogs

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