Volunteer Opportunities 2019


Time Commitment for Volunteers

There are three options for the amount of time you commit to as a volunteer:

□ Level 1: Average of 2-3 hours a week (8-12 hours per month)

□ Level 2: Average of 3-4 hours a week (13-16 hours per month)

□ Level 3: Average of >4 hours a week (17+ hours per month)

Educational Opportunities

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: The Crossings Animal Society (CAS) offers an opportunity for students who would like to do their senior project with our organization. Projects must be approved by both the school and CAS.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: CAS is open to the possibility of a student’s designing an independent study to obtain college credit for her/his
volunteer work.

Volunteer Committees

Animal Help and Adoption Network 

This committee assists with the programs that directly help dogs and cats in need in our community. Among the opportunities are:

(1) Working on the Animal Help and Adoption Network Hotline

(2) Assisting in expanding resources of area rescues, veterinary services, trainers, day care & boarding, and other pet-related services

(3) Assisting with office work

(4) Assisting in our surrender/adoption program

Age Requirement: 16

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 1

North to Home (Dog Adoption) Program 

This committee is responsible for adopting dogs from Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter (MAMAS) in South Carolina to local families.  Tasks include: identifying dogs to “pull” from the shelter; posting bios of adoptable dogs on adoption websites, our website, and to our supporters; screening adoption applications, including vet checks and home visits; identifying and monitoring a limited number of foster placements; transporting the dogs on the final “leg”  from Newark, DE to PA; meeting adopters when transport arrives; finalizing adoptions; arranging meet-and-greets for dogs in foster care; following up on completed adoptions  


Age Requirement: 16 (for transporting dogs, under 18 must be accompanied by a parent)

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 2

Fundraising Committee

This committee plans, organizes, and works at our fundraising events and activities.  Current fundraisers include our Pet Photo Calendar Contest; our Appetite for Saving Animals program with local restaurants; and (this fall) promotion of our wine label for Boris & Natasha's Fund (for veterinary care).

Age Requirement: 16 (under 18 accompanied by parent or guardian)

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 2

Business Partnership/Donor Relations Committee

This committee focuses on building relationships with area businesses and individuals interested in supporting The Crossings Animal Society.  Opportunities here include:

(1) Business Outreach, our program that focuses on storefront businesses

(2) Visiting and building relationships with larger local companies and restaurants

(3) Obtaining advertising and sponsorship; building our Advisory Council

(4) Maintaining positive relationships with our donors. 


The committee is well-suited for outgoing volunteers, those with business and marketing experience, or who are pursuing a marketing or nonprofit management degree

Age Requirement: 18 

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 2

Communications Committee 

This committee maintains a visible and positive reputation for CAS in the community through the use of social media and print communications such as newsletters. Volunteers are responsible for keeping our supporters and the animal-loving public informed about our activities and about issues pertinent to animal welfare and no-kill philosophy.


This committee well-suited to those who are creative; who like and are skilled at writing; and/or who are adept in using social media. It is also appropriate for students pursuing a communications or journalism degree.

Age Requirement: 16

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 1

Advocacy and Education Committee

Volunteers on this committee educate the community, through speaking engagements and other programs, about (1) the work that we do at CAS to help dogs and cat in need, and about (2) animal welfare issues, particularly No-Kill philosophy and the “No More Homeless Pets” movement. 

Age Requirement: 18 

Minimum Time Commitment: Level 2

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