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Volunteer Committees 2022


Our volunteer teams enable us to accomplish our mission and goals.  Please read this document carefully to find which team or teams interest you (you may choose more than one). Then, when you are completing your volunteer application, check the teams you’d like to be part of, and how many hours a week you would like to volunteer.


Time Commitment for Volunteers

There are three options for the amount of time you commit to as a volunteer.  Please check which one you’d prefer:

  • Level 1: Average of 2-3 hours a week (8-12 hours per month) 

  • Level 2: Average of 3-4 hours a week (13-16 hours per month)

  • Level 3: Average of >4 hours a week (17+ hours per month)

Age Requirements

We ask that all volunteers be 18 years old or in their senior year of high school.  Younger high school students ages 13-17 are eligible to volunteer if they apply with a parent, and work together as a team.


Educational Opportunities

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: The Crossings Animal Society (CAS) offers an opportunity for students who would like to do their senior project with our organization. Projects must be approved by both the school and CAS.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: CAS is open to the possibility of a student’s designing an independent study to obtain college credit for her/his
volunteer work.

Volunteer Teams

You are welcome to become part of one or more teams.  Below are the descriptions for each team, and examples of the opportunities you may choose as a team member 


1) Adoptions, Surrenders and Fosters

This team’s focus is to find forever homes for dogs and cats.  Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Serving as an Ambassador who stays in touch with adoptive pet families

  • Vetting adoption applications

  • Writing bios of pets for adoption

  • Fostering dogs and/or cats

  • Transporting pets coming to meet their adoptive families

  • Assisting with “meet-and-greets” for pets waiting awaiting adoption


2)​ Fundraising

This team’s focus is to assist with CAS fundraising efforts through local businesses, fundraising events, and grant writing. Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Participating in small local fundraisers throughout the year

  • Participating in our annual dog walk fundraiser

  • Helping with our annual “I’m Rescued and …” calendar contest

  • Assisting with “Appetite for Saving Animals” events, in which CAS sets up a table at a local restaurant

  • Being part of our tabling events, that occur on weekends at local business (e.g., Shoprite, McCaffreys, New Hope Wine & Spirits)

  • Being part of Business Outreach – placing donation cans and putting up posters in local storefront businesses

3)​ Education

This team educates the community about (1) the work that we do at CAS to help dogs and cat in need, (2) No-Kill philosophy and the “No More Homeless Pets” movement; and (3) other animal welfare issues related to our mission.  Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Writing articles for local publications

  • Writing articles for local online publications

  • Writing articles for our newsletter, Finding Sanctuary

  • Public speaking to students, civic organizations, 55+ communities


4) Communication, Promotion, and Public Relations

This team’s focus is on maintaining a visible and positive reputation for CAS in the community through the use of media, social media and print communications. Team members help keep our supporters and the animal-loving public informed about our activities, our programs, our successes and our upcoming events. Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Creating posts for social media

  • Writing press releases

  • Creating posters and promotional materials

  • Assisting with graphic design

  • Writing for our newsletter, Finding Sanctuary


5) Community Partners and Donor Relationships

This team helps building relationships with larger area businesses, veterinary practices, animal related businesses, and animal welfare organizations. Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Speaking to larger area businesses, local animal welfare organizations, and animal related businesses

  • Contacting and speaking to local veterinary practices to become a participating practice for Boris & Natasha’s Fund

  • Contacting and establishing a relationship with several of our major donors


6) ​Animal Help and Adoption Network/Office Work

This team assists with responding to calls and emails asking our assistance with surrender, adoption, resource referral, and information regarding dogs and cats. They also help out with office tasks, and may help off-site with certain tasks.  Examples of opportunities for you as a team member include:

  • Answering/responding to calls and emails on Animal Help and Adoption Network

  • Assisting in expanding network resources of dog and cat rescues, shelters, veterinary services, trainers, day care & boarding, and other pet-related services

  • Assisting with office work (in-office)

  • Assisting with office work (offsite)

  • Facilitating beginning arrangements for surrenders and adoptions

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