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What is fostering?

Fostering is providing a temporary home for a dog or cat while they await their forever home.

What if I want to adopt?

We have an option to adopt! If you decide to have the option to adopt, we give you 10 days to decide whether or not you'd like to keep your foster pet for life!

What do I need to do? 

Give the pet love and support! We cover any medical expenses and anything you are unable to provide. 

How long do I foster?

It all depends! We ask you commit to at least 2 months. 

What if something happens and I can no longer foster?

How does this work?

You fill out our foster application, once it has been approved we do a home visit (virtual during Covid-19). The process can take up to a week. Once you have been approved, we get started on placing the right dog or cat with you. 

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