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What is United Paw? 

The Crossings Animal Society offers three unique programs to help our community’s dogs and cats. Together, we call them “United Paw”.


1. Animal Help and Adoption Network

Many pets needlessly lose their lives because a new home, a foster placement, affordable behavioral training, and/or financial assistance for veterinary care cannot be found in time.


The goal of this program is to save the lives of more cats and dogs by creating a centralized community help line for information, referral, and adoption assistance.  Through our hotline, we provide:

  • Advice for minor behavioral and medical issues;

  • Assistance with requests for pet adoptions and surrenders; and

  • Referrals to local resources, such a as trainers, veterinarians, and low cost spay-neuter clinics.

2. Boris & Natasha's Fund

This program supplements the cost of life-sustaining veterinary care.  The specific populations served by the fund include:

  • Homeless dogs and cats surrendered to The Crossings Animal Society

  • Dogs and cats fostered by local rescue organizations with limited funds

  • Pets living in families that are experiencing financial distress

The fund is used in $500 increments; the limit per pet is usually $1,000. However, if the cost for treatment is greater, the animal’s life is in jeopardy, and no other means are available to pay for care, CAS supporters have always been generous in making up the difference.


3. Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance program helps local rescue organizations adopt dogs and cats having difficulty finding a forever home.  The Crossings Animal Society also directly accepts a limited number of surrendered dogs and cats and facilitates their adoption.

Please click here for an adoption application:

Please click here for a foster application:


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