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Job Opportunity:


Are You Looking For An Opportunity That Combines Your Love For Animals With Your Organizational Skills?

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We are a small but growing nonprofit, 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization serving Bucks and Mercer counties, with our office in Washington Crossing, PA.  Begun in 2009, our mission is to provide quality care and a loving home for every dog and cat in our area.

Our programs focus on the following four areas:

  1. Working with our shelter and rescue partners for dog and cat adoptions. We also match pets with families looking to adopt, rehome surrendered pets, have a foster program, and follow up on pet adoptions through our Ambassador program

  2. Assisting with the cost of life-sustaining veterinary care for homeless dogs and cats, and pets living in families with limited financial resources, through our Boris & Natasha’s Fund

  3. Providing resource and referral information for pet families and animal lovers through our Animal Help and Adoption Network hotline

  4. Initiating special projects to help dogs and cats in our community (e.g., Saving Trenton Dogs)



The Program and Administrative Coordinator is at the center of CAS programs and activities.  As the “hub of the wheel,” she or he interacts with volunteers, supporters, rescue organizations, and our shelter partners, as well as with the Executive Director and Board of Directors. The person in this position is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CAS office,  as well as the administrative framework that allows our programs and projects to function smoothly.

This position is 30 hours, and either 4 or 5 days a week.  The schedule includes one weekday evening and Saturdays.



  1. Manage the CAS office, including office procedures, databases, phone calls/emails, and Animal Help & Adoption Network (hotline)

  2. Oversee dog and cat surrender and adoption processes, including foster network and Ambassador program (adoption follow-up)

  3. Collaborate and maintain relationships with rescue and shelter partners, area rescue organizations, and animal-related entities

  4. Coordinate volunteer activities and assist with volunteer recruitment

  5. Assist with fundraising tasks, helping to plan and implement major fundraisers and participate in community events

  6. Facilitate publicity/PR activities through posting on social media and other platforms, as well as contacting other media

  7. Maintain databases of supporters, grantors, Board and Advisory Council, and volunteers



  1. Dog and cat lover

  2. High school diploma

  3. Lives within 15 miles of CAS office

  4. At least 3-5 years of experience working in office administration

  5. Excellent organizational skills

  6. Excellent basic computer skills (i.e., typing, word processing, use of Internet)

  7. General knowledge of widely-used computer programs (e.g., Office, Google Docs), and ability to quickly learn specific computer programs and platforms (e.g., Constant Contact, Little Green Light)

  8. Ability to learn and prioritize many different tasks, as well as to “pivot” and readjust to changes in daily priorities

  9. Very strong communication and interpersonal skills, with good ability to listen, express thoughts and opinions, give and receive direction

  10. Ability to work both independently with a minimum of direction and collaboratively as part of a team



  1. Lives within 10 miles of CAS office

  2. 6+ years of experience working in office administration

  3. Thorough knowledge of widely-used computer programs (e.g., Office, Google Docs)

  4. Strong ability to engage in creative thinking and problem-solving

  5. Good writing skills

  6. Experience working or volunteering in a nonprofit organization

  7. Experience working or volunteering in an animal welfare organization



The salary for this position is $30,000 and includes two weeks of paid vacation



Please send a cover letter and resume to

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