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It's the 3rd Annual Rescue Pet Calendar Contest!

It's time to put a smile on everyone's face, including our pets!  


This year, the theme for our rescue pet calendar contest  is "I'm Rescued and Hilarious".  It's focus is on the photos and stories of the companion animals who have brought a smile to our face; had us chuckle and shake our heads; and sometimes made us laugh so hard that tears ran down our cheeks.

We invite you to enter your hilarious companion animal in this year's photo contest.


The contest is open for all companion animals adopted through a rescue organization or shelter, or found as a stray. (Yes, that means, although we are expecting mostly dogs and cats, rescue bunnies, pigs, etc., are welcome to enter, too!)

Entering the contest is easy. Submit a photo of your rescue pet, along with a $10 entry fee. Then tell us about the hilarious photo you have submitted, and the story of how your pet came into your life and what she or he means to you and your family.   

The photos of the 12 pets with the most votes will be featured on a full page above one of the months on the calendar.


Additionally, no matter how many entries we receive (and we hope to have a lot of them!),  ALL ENTRIES  ACCEPTED INTO THE CONTEST WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE CALENDAR!

If your pet is not a rescue, he or she can still be included in the calendar.  Just reserve a calendar day for his or her photo to appear on, with a caption of your choice.  

The proceeds from this contest and the calendar sales that follow will enable The Crossings Animal Society to continue our work, serving dogs and cats (and their families) in need in our community.

So log on and sign up your hilarious pet right now:


Then let the voting begin!

The contest begins on September 20 at 8 AM, and ends at 11:59:59 PM on November 1. So don't delay -- send in the photo of your cherished pet and start casting your votes!

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Find our applications and adoptable pets here!

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Make a difference in animal's lives.


We thank you so much for your support! 

 We will continue to email our supporters and post frequently on Facebook with information, stories, and writings to uplift your spirit.  If you are not on our email list, you can request to join at:

Please be safe and healthy, and keep your pets close (no need for social distancing with them!)

--The Crossings Animal Board of Directors, Staff & Volunteers

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Thank you so much for all you do for our community's cats and dogs