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 7th Annual Hostages for Homeless Pets

a great success!

 7th Annual Hostages for Homeless Pets

a great success!

How You Helped:

On May 2, 2019, eight animal lovers were "kidnapped" by the volunteers of The Crossings Animal Society and held for "ransom" at Trattoria Rosa Bianca in Yardley.  While in "captivity", they enjoyed a sumptuous buffet breakfast, and listened to a presentation on Boris & Natasha' Fund and animal welfare in our state and country.  (Video of the presentation is available on our Facebook page.)


After their "release", we carefully counted the "ransom" monies they had raised.  Here's the outcome:


Together with the generosity of our sponsors, you helped us raise nearly $9,400!


This event was a true collaboration of the animal lovers in the community.  Our "hostages", sponsors, and every one of you who donated for someone's "ransom" made this event a success.


Special thanks to the planning committee, whose hard work made the event as fun, enjoyable, and informative as it was:

  • Libby Honan

  • Cheryl Minney

  • Bethann Mueller

  • Yvonne Neiman

  • Kevin Washburn

Truth be told, we all had such a good time and felt so positive about the outcome of "Hostages for Homeless Pets", we decided to continue fundraising for Boris & Natasha's Fund throughout this calendar year.  We set our 2019 goal at $50,000!

What is Boris & Natasha's Fund?

Boris & Natasha's Fund assists with the cost of life-sustaining veterinary care for cats and dogs.  In collaboration with our participating veterinary practices, the fund is used for homeless pets, and for pets living in families with limited finances.

In addition to assisting with non-routine veterinary care, this year Boris & Natasha's Fund is available for palliative care and care for pets with cardiac disease. Palliative, or hospice care, ensures that pets who are at the end of their lives are made comfortable, in order to maintain their quality of life for as long as it is feasible.  Treatment for heart disease includes helping with the cost for medications, veterinarian visits and procedures such as EKG.  

Hostages 2019 cover photo.jpg

Can You Help Save the Life of a Cat or Dog?  You Bet You Can!

Fuzzy Settles in at the Office #2. Sept
lucky duck the kidnapper.jpg

There are a number of ways you can help meet our 2019 fundraising goal of $50,000, which will assist dogs and cats with the veterinary care they need.  Here's how:

1.  Become a 2019 sponsor of Boris & Natasha's Fund.  You can sponsor on one of four levels:

  • Bronze -$125

  • Silver - $250

  • Gold - $500

  • Platinum - $1000 

As a thank-you, you'll be featured in our promotional material, websites, and social media throughout the calendar year.  (For more information, email or call (215) 321-4673.

2.  Make a tax-deductible donation directly to Boris & Natasha's Fund through this website  or our Facebook page.  (When donating online, be sure to indicated that your gift is intended for Boris & Natasha's Fund.)  You can also send a check payable to "CAS Boris & Natasha's Fund" to: The Crossings Animal Society; 1083 Washington Crossing Road-Suite 3; Washington Crossing, PA  18977.

3. Create your own fundraiser for Boris & Natasha's Fund.  (Please contact us by phone or email, as all fundraisers must have prior approval from CAS.)

4. SPOILER ALERT!  Become a member of Boris & Natasha's Wine Club.  (To be introduced in Fall 2019.)

Stay tuned as we continue to update our website.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

Thank you so much for all you do for our community's cats and dogs

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