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Meet Angel
A Loving and Resilient Companion



Meet Angel, a sweet and gentle soul who has endured a challenging journey but has never lost her capacity to love.


This resilient old girl was once an overbred mama, discarded without a second thought. Despite her past hardships, Angel has maintained her kind spirit and affectionate nature, making her a true gem waiting to be discovered.


Angel adores leisurely walks and finds solace in the company of humans. Whether it's exploring a quiet park or strolling through a serene neighborhood, she takes pleasure in each step by your side.


Although she may not be as energetic as some of her younger counterparts, Angel's calm demeanor and gentle disposition make her the perfect companion for someone seeking a more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle.


Angel cherishes human connection and craves affection, offering a constant source of warmth and comfort to those fortunate enough to share their lives with her. As a mature lady, she appreciates a peaceful environment and would thrive in a serene and tranquil home.

In terms of canine companionship, Angel prefers a measured approach to social interactions with her fellow furry friends and would feel most comfortable as the only dog in the household. However, when it comes to showering her human family with adoration, she has an infinite capacity to love and be loved.

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