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Meet Laura

Laura is a captivating young pit bull mix who found her way    to the Trenton Animal Shelter as a stray. This medium-sized beauty, weighing 45 lbs., is an embodiment of a dog moving toward perfection in countless ways.


Laura's playful spirit is a breath of fresh air, brimming with    joy but never overwhelming. She strikes the ideal balance, exuding energy without excessive exuberance. When it comes to listening and learning, she excels with remarkable aptitude, eagerly absorbing corrections and guidance.   


As you stroll together, she demonstrates impeccable leash manners, a graceful companion by your side. And when it's time to unleash her spirited nature, she runs freely, expending her energy before settling down for cuddles or a well-deserved nap. Truly, Laura incorporates the harmonious fusion of playfulness and tranquility.

Remarkably, Laura’s journey to perfection extends beyond her disposition alone. Her past experiences have revealed her to be crate trained. This young pup is ready to embrace her new home, finding solace and security within her designated safe space.

Beyond her commendable traits, Laura’s undeniable cuteness is simply irresistible. Her short coat gleams, adding a touch of elegance to her already enchanting allure. One glance into her soulful eyes and you’ll be smitten by the love and loyalty she radiates.

Laura’s compatibility extends to her interactions with children, as she thrives in their company. This gentle soul eagerly assumes the role of a loyal playmate and protector, bringing laughter and cherished memories into their lives.

Health-wise, Laura is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed, ensuring her well-being and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Now, Laura eagerly awaits the right family to continue her journey to perfection. With her radiant spirit and irresistible charm, she seeks a loving family that will cherish her as much as she will cherish them.

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