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How far do I walk, run, hike, or roll?

As far as you'd like! (We're not watching, I promise!) However, the challenge is to complete 10 miles over the 12-day course event. We will provide you with tools to track your mileage and have it recorded on your person page. Every participant who completes the challenge will receive 2 Paws on the Path water bottles, 1 for them and 1 for their dog!


What is the Livestream Celebration? 

It is a live broadcast that will occur on Sunday afternoon, on June 13th from 2pm to 4pm. We will announce the winner in each category who have raised the most pledge money. We will also have live interviews with some of the pet femilies who were helped through Boris & Natasha's Fund, as well as information about pet health, nutrition, and much more!

Can I walk, run, hike, or roll, as a part of a team? 

Absolutely! Just email us at or call us at 215.321.4673. We'll help you set up your team and explain how other participants can join!

Can I participate without a dog?

Of course! If you have the memory of a dog in your heart, wish that you had a dog, or are spimply a dog lover, you are welcome to participate. However, prizes are reserved for those who participate with a dog (or cat).

Can I participate with a cat?

We know some of our cat-loving supporters walk their cats with harnesses, and as long as they are ok with it, so are we! Remember, this even isn't raising money for just dog care, but cats as well. 

How much pledge money should I raise?

Our overall goal for this event is 25,000. To meet that goal, we are asking all participants 13 years and older to raise $100. For elementary school students, the pledge goal is $50. However, we challenge you to raise as much pledge money as you can!

What happens if I raise the most pledge money?

Everyone who reaches their pledge goal will recieve a Paws on the Path T-Shirt following the event. However, there will be special prizes for individual participants who raise the most pledge money for each of the following categories:


Elementary School Children

Teenagers aged 13 to 19 

Young Adults aged 20 to 34

Adults aged 25 to 49

Wise Adults aged 50 to 64

Very Wise Adults aged 65+

There will also be special prizes for teams that raise he most pledge money, broken down into 2 categories:

Small teams, up to 6 participants

Large teams, with 7+ participants

I can't participate, can I just donate?

Yes! You can support this event by making a pledge for one of the participants or directly through


We're here to help! Just call the office at 215.321.4673 or email us at with any questions or assitance needed! If we are not immediately available we will respond within 24 hours.

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