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Meet Lady

Lady collage.jpg


Introducing Lady, the epitome of canine elegance and beauty! This stunning Cattle dog/Husky mix, discovered alongside her delightful companion Myla, possesses a captivating charm that is bound to leave you in awe. 

Lady's enchanting presence is accompanied by an unwavering affectionate nature that will melt your heart. With a gentle and loving disposition, she craves human connection and won't hesitate to cozy up in your lap, relishing every second of snuggles and hugs. Her warm and tender personality adds an extra layer of joy to the bond you'll share. 

As a young, medium-sized female dog weighing around 40 lbs, Lady embodies grace and poise in every step. She is a well-trained and obedient companion, responding to commands with ease. Walking by your side on a leash, she exudes confidence and displays impeccable manners, making every outing a pleasant and enjoyable experience. 

Lady's endearing sweetness extends beyond her behavior, as she takes treats with the utmost gentleness, reflecting her considerate and kind-hearted nature.  


If you're searching for a four-legged companion that radiates beauty, warmth, and a deep longing for human connection, Lady is the perfect choice. 

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