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Myla face closeup.jpg

Meet Myla

Look at Myla, the stunning Akita mix with a personality that's as vibrant as her mesmerizing eyes! Found alongside her furry companion Lady, Myla's unique beauty and playful spirit are sure to capture your heart. 

Myla's fun-loving nature shines brightest when she's in the yard, where she happily frolics and indulges in exciting games of chase. Give her a ball to pursue, and you'll witness a sight to behold—she'll tirelessly chase after it, providing endless entertainment and joy. Time seems to fly when Myla is immersed in her favorite activity! 


This young, medium-sized female dog weighs approximately 40 lbs, making her a perfect size for endless adventures and cuddles alike.


She's not only a ball of energy but also a well-trained companion. Myla knows her commands, walks gracefully on a leash, and is always eager to please. Her sweet and gentle nature is reflected in her graceful manner of accepting treats, showcasing her polite and loving demeanor. 


When it comes to canine companionship, Myla thrives in the company of other dogs. She and her friend Lady engage in playful and spirited games of chase, their boundless energy fueling endless laughter and joy. 


Myla's presence is a constant reminder of the sheer joy that can be found in the simplest of moments. Whether she's sprinting across the yard, wagging her tail with sheer delight, or melting your heart with her sweet and gentle nature, she embodies the essence of happiness in every aspect. 

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