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Planning The Sanctuary


While our United Paw programs currently provide direct assistance to dogs and cats, our long-term plan is to build the area’s first no-kill dog and cat sanctuary. We use the word “sanctuary” to reflect what we have in mind for our facility:  (1) land and architecture that allows for enjoyable, high quality of life; and (2) a refuge for homeless dogs and cats.


Our most important priority in building the sanctuary is to provide the best quality of life possible for our dogs and cats. Although our goal is always to adopt to a forever home, some pets will stay longer at the sanctuary than others, and some will live out their lives there.


In accordance with best practices, we plan to build our sanctuary with:

  • > Cage-less dog & cat habitats

  • > Interior courtyards for exercise, training and dog meet-and-greets

  • > Rotating daily activity areas for well-socialized dogs

  • > Porch-like solariums and a living room to meet friendly cats

  • > Individualized accommodations for special needs dogs and cats

  • > Plenty of room indoors and outdoors for dog training and exercise

  • > A clinic area for quarantine, routine veterinary care, and a low-cost spay-neuter clinic for pets in families
    with limited finances


A concept plan using green construction for the completed facility has already been designed and presented to our supporters.  Our architect is now preparing the plan for Phase I, to house 100-150 animals.  We are currently looking for 10+ acres, either in Bucks County or Hunterdon County, to build the sanctuary.

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